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About me

About 12 years ago I started selling postcards, prints and plushies at etsy and Dawanda. I have developed a brand which I call "hebbedinge", which is a dutch word for "things you want to have". For the last five years I have made family portraits in embroidery hoops, which gives me the chance to connect with people all over the world.


My works have a spirited, cheerful, lovable, silly or funny character.  I like to mix traditional and digital work, like cutting and sticking and sewing and embroidering and then add things on the computer.


Since the start of the pandemic I have experimented a lot with clay and ceramics. My mother has a kiln in her basement, so I could start right away! Now I'm kind of clay-addicted ;-)

In the future I would love to do new things like illustrating a children's book. Or............. any ideas? Tell me!


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